The Guild Season 2 Episode 1 now available !!

For anyone who likes MMO’s or quirky independent comedy The Guild should not be missed. Felicia Day writes and stars in this web comedy about the real life adventures of an MMO guild. The first season now available on DVD or Youtube video introduced us to Codex (Felicia Day), Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh), Vork(Jeff Lewis), Tinkerballa(Amy Oduka), Clara(Robin Thornsen), and Bladezz(Vincent Caso).  The interaction between the characters and their individual quirks is fantastic as they shed their in game masks to meet up and overcome some interesting challenges. Each character is a bit over the top but while watching you can always have the feeling, I know someone like that. Season 2 is being released exclusively on MSN Video, XBOX Live and ZUNE marketplace. which makes it feel a little less indie and accessible than when they released on Youtube. However the video quality is definitely better and the writing is still fantastic I can’t wait to see the rest of the season.   So go watch season 1 if you liked it get the DVD it comes with some extras that are definitely worth it.

-Mario Garcia

The Guild website:

MSN Video Link

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