Crysis: Warhead


By Mario Garcia

Developer: Crytek

Publisher: EA Games

Review Rating: 8


Crysis: Warhead is the Sequel to 2007’s awesome first person shooter Crysis. You are now on the other side of the island playing as Sergeant Michael “Psycho” Sykes. Rather than being a sequel taking place later Crysis Warhead takes place in parallel to the events of the first game.

Crysis: Warhead is visually amazing. The jungle environment is lush and has a very alive feel to it. Watching a flock of quail run across the road was unexpected. The trees and many other objects are destructible and the physics make the gameplay very interesting since you don’t always have to rely on your guns to take out enemies. A large box thrown with super strength or a bunch of logs rolling down a hill work very nicely indeed.

Gameplay in Crysis: Warhead is fast an furious with intense firefights and challenging enemies. The suit powers are nicely implemented and come in handy without being too overpowered or annoying, eg. requiring a split second maneuver that is critical to progressing. The interface is very nice you can use a center mouse click to bring up the power controls as well as being able to use the mouse to modify your weapons. I personally liked adding a sniper scope to the Gauss cannon since it was especially handy at taking out the aliens. The enemies early in the game did feel like they blended into the environment a bit and  occasionally while looking at the radar to find and enemy I ended up stumbling right over them.

factor_high1Overall Crysis: Warhead is a great standalone expansion to Crysis. Fun Gameplay and good storyline .  The cutscenes and in game dialogue really fleshed out the story along with the flashed of backstory.  Using less system resources makes it play very well on a decent system though to really get the pest experience from the game a high end gaming rig is preferred. Also Cryengine 2 takes advantage of DirectX 10 and Multi-core processors so windows vista is the preferred OS on this one.

Blizzcon 2009 Announced!




Blizzard Entertainment® gaming celebration to return to Anaheim Convention Center on August 21-22  

IRVINE, Calif. – February 17, 2008 – Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced plans for its fourth BlizzCon® gaming convention, to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22. BlizzCon is a celebration of the global player communities surrounding Blizzard Entertainment®’s Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® universes. In response to the festival’s increasing popularity, this year’s event has been expanded from three convention halls to four.

“We’ve been amazed by the incredible response to each of our previous BlizzCon events,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re pleased to be bringing the convention back to Anaheim this year, and we look forward to this new opportunity to meet Blizzard gamers from around the world.”

BlizzCon will offer a wide variety of activities throughout the two-day event. In addition to serving as a gathering place for Blizzard Entertainment gaming communities, attendees will be able to enjoy:


  • Hands-on play time with upcoming Blizzard Entertainment games
  • Discussion panels with Blizzard Entertainment developers
  • Competitive and casual tournaments for players to showcase their talents
  • Community contests with great prizes
  • Commemorative merchandise based on Blizzard Entertainment’s game universes
  • A silent auction
  • More exciting activities and attractions to be announced

Further details, including ticket availability and pricing, will be announced on the official BlizzCon website,, as the event draws closer.To keep pace with the continued growth of World of Warcraft as well as development on other Blizzard Entertainment games, the company is currently hiring for numerous open positions. More information on available career opportunities can be found at