Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Review

Title: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
By: Anthony Rice (Rice_King)
Developer: Splash Damage
Publisher: Activision
Consoles Available: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Number of Players: 1-32
ESRB Rating: Teen
Review Rating: 8.5
Website: www.enemyterritory.com


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was released by id Software in 2007 and is a child of the Free Multiplayer game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (ET) that was released in 2003. It is not so much a sequel to ET because ET was based in WWII. It is mainly an online multiplayer game, but it can also be played offline with bots. The point of the game is to enter into a campaign where there are multiple maps and you either have to defend a main objective or attack the main objective. There are many small objectives – such as building a bridge, or destroying generators – that you must first complete before you even get near the main objective. There are two sides you can choose, GDF (Global Defense Force) or Strogg – the alien invaders. Within both of these sides you have five character types you can choose from. Basically you can choose from an ammunitions supplier/target painter, spy, medic, soldier, or engineer. Many of the objectives can only be completed by a specific class, so the teams have to be balanced with classes in order to succeed. For example if you have to build a bridge or repair a vehicle, only the engineer can do this.

Strogg Lightning Gun

For a game that was released two years ago, the graphics are very clean. The humans are very realistic, while the Strogg, who are abominations of flesh and metal, look quite evil. The game is great in the way that everyone who plays gets to play a part in the success or failure of the team. You can choose your class in-game so you don’t get stuck with the character you chose. You can also gain campaign experience which will give you abilities like faster arming of mines or more clips of ammo. Now it’s not the eternal war between the US and the Nazis, it’s the other eternal war between alien oppressors and humans is just as good when executed correctly.

Strogg Infiltrating

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has a strong Evolution factor because of its strong class based objective game play. The very fact that it forces cooperative game play and you to need to either support the people fulfilling objectives or be the person fulfilling the objectives gives a strong sense of teamwork and community that bring many gamers back for hours of fun. The replay value of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is very high; every campaign you play will bring new and refreshing experiences. Many people still do play this game; I was surprised to see how many servers were full when I first logged on. Now you can find this game for less than ten bucks on Amazon, I definitely recommend spending the cash to get this game.


Evolution Factor: High


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