Fear 2 Project Origin – PC Supplement

Fear 2 Project Origin – PC Supplement

By: Mario Garcia

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive

Developer: Monolith Productions

System: PC, X Box 360, PS3

Overall Score: 7.5 out of 10

Website: http://www.whatisfear.com/

Project Origin is the followup to the thriller horror FPS FEAR. It continues the stoyr of Alma the creepy Japanese schoolgirl from the original. We have a great writeup of the game by John Burrell Jr.on our console site Press Start and i dont want to just repeat everything he said in his article so please check it out http://pressstarttme.wordpress.com/2009/03/15/fear-2-project-origin/.

I felt the game really delivered on the promise of scares and delivered when it came to the intese atmosphere. I had not played beyone the demo in the first game so this was a very fresh experinse for me. The AI’s ability to adapt to the situations was great allowing the enmies to use cover effectively even pulling down parts of the environment to use. Most of the game I tried to play at night lights low headphones on and sound turned way up. That is truly the best way to experience a game like Fear 2. The creepy factor of all the subtle sound and lighting effects really shone through and i could feel my hear racing when a sudden flash of a ghost or monster would temporarily blur my vision or i would see a ghoslty image creep just around the corner then the action would take off when severaly enemies jumped in from various points . The slow motion “Matrix” effect was fun at first but became a bit of a chore and would even feel a bit out of place at times due to the fact that it would light up the enemies like an old arcade shooting gallery game.

This sequel while great fun there were a few shortcomings.  The lack of a quicksave was very annoying.  PC Gamers are used to being able to save regularly.  Having to repeat the same area over and over because you are sent back to a checkpoint  can really interrupt the flow of the game.  While not a gameplay annoyoance one of the port problems is the checkpoints stop the game and you are treated to a message that says saving game please do not turn off your computer.  That was just a huh moment and i honeslty felt a little bit of hey this is a pc not a console is the game trying to save to a memory card.  Oh well.

Overall though FEAR 2 Project ORIGIN has a great mix of action, storyline and atmosphere.  IT was a great mix of creepy and action. While a few oversights when creating the port from console to PC removed from the immersion a bit i was pretty impressed by the game overall.