Comicon 2009 a most wretched hive of geeks and nerdidude. I had not been to Con in quite a while and honestly was not really prepared to go to the show. I had not reviewed the program ahead of time so I kind of when in blind just to see what was out there.

Thursday afternoon was pretty good the show floor was crowded but not too bad. Alot of great costumes the watchmen was very popular there were some good ones. Crimewars was demoing their MMFPS. I had a brief look at it at E3 and it looks like they have put a bit more polish on it and looks very fun. Most of the video game section as taken up by Console games which looked very nice. Dante’s Inferno and Brutal legend were really nice looking sarkstriders looked good too. Cmon guys where’s the PC love. There a bunch of the Free to play mmo space there sony had Free realms and there were a few other ones. One fun Browser based one that can be found at is stick figure mmo and strangely addictive. Overall i enjoyed my few hours with the comicon and it was not the hell that made me swear off that con forever. Mebbe next year will be fun too

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