Genre: Real Time Strategy

Theme: Sci-Fi Developer: Crytek Black Sea

Publisher: Playlogic International

Modes: Single player, multiplayer ESRB

 Rating: T for Teen Release Date: Nov 10, 2009

 Basic Plot/Storyline WorldShift is a sci-fi/cyber fantasy real time strategy game that was released in Europe last year and is now being released in the US. WorldShift is set 1000 years in the future that has humans living in one of five mega cities after the outbreak of a devastating plague. Earth is now populated by three different races the humans, plague infected humans and an alien race know as the cult. Game Play There are three playable factions in WorldShift, the humans, plague infected humans known as the tribes, and the alien faction know as the cult. The game has a simplistic design in order to make game-play quick and easy to learn. There are no complex technology trees to advance the factions but units can find all sorts of special items throughout the game that can increase their power or advance the faction. Units also have unique abilities such as spells and special attacks that can aid in combat.

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