World of Warcraft Virtual Store:Azeroth is finally invaded by pets.


Despite its vast sea of subscribers and a balance sheet that would make even John D Rockefeller sit up and take notice, you can’t fault Blizzard Entertainment for wanting a little bit more. Today the company is taking steps to make World of Warcraft even more profitable with the addition of an online pet store.

For ten bucks players can buy either Lil’ K.T. or a tiny Pandaren Monk. Lil’ K.T. is a mini-version of the big bad Lich currently featured in the recent expansion. Though he may be small, he’s still intimidating and offers a unique way to mock the enemies you defeat in PVP encounters. The Pandaren Monk is a bit classier, returning any bows made to him by other players and practicing his kung fu moves in his off-hours. To further demonstrate his moral superiority, half of all the proceeds from the sale of the Pandaren will be donated to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

Players who purchase either of the pets will be able to use them for all current and future characters associated with their World of Warcraft account. If you want to use the pets for multiple WOW accounts associated with the same account, you will have to buy separate versions for each World of Warcraft license.

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