opinion editorial:MMO universe- where do you go for some good clean fun

by Angie Quidim

the mmo better know as the (Massive Multi-player Online. ) has evolved from its early origins on pc. NOT ONLY Can you pit your skills against a complete stranger but you can ally an even social network thruogh varioius in-game utilities. For a newcomer to this vast universe, where would one begin their search for ultimate satisfaction?

            The answer to this question is never easy. there are many things to consider both as a gamer and parent. somtimes it’s hard to find a happy medium between the two. The first thing to consider in researching a new online game is to make sure the content interests you. Too many times we are suckered into new software because “everyone is doing it, why aren’t you?” the game ends up becoming the cool new thing for the time being. Another thing to consider is what is not written on the box in terms of in-game content. MMOs are fluid programs and according to the esrb ” Game Experience may differ during online play.” What you may pay for may not be what you expect as a gamer, and as a parent, There may be situations such as ‘cyber bullying’ that may go on with unsupervised play.  Lastly, the subject matter may interest you at first because it sounds cool, but my bore you later on. One thing that is imprtant to make mention of  is that most MMOs require some sort of service fee to play besides the initial purchase of the game. Most additional costs are usually in the price range of 15-16 dollars on a monthly subscription basis. Reccomendation would be to try demos before initial purchase. most demos are free downloads or free trial CDs at your local game store.

            After all your research you should have found an MMO to suit your needs. What do you do now?

          PLAY THE GAME!!!  Don’t be afriad to ask questions with players online.  Most online communities are helpful and Game Masters are there to ensure a good MMO environment.  There are of course exceptions to every rule.  You will occasionally get some EGO-centric players That will use the phrase n00b or any other variation of the term. These people should be ignored and reported to the nearest Game Master  if their behavior leans more to harrassment. don’t be afraid to explore your new environment, thats half of the fun. Experience is one of the best teachers. Online sources are available to help you further explore the game.

in conclusion, this short article should help you get started and get you through the first few hours of game play in your new MMO universe.

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