Allods Online Becomes Even More Free

gPotato Europe is delighted to announce that with the release of its second expansion, Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor, and today’s patch that will be available tonight, Allods Online has become more Free-to-Play than ever.

From now on, all players will have access to new, easy-to-complete daily quests which offer a variety of premium rewards to assist them in their adventure. The Captain’s Letter of Marque doubles any character’s experience for a specific period of time, the 5 Phylacteries of Passage guarantees no penalties if a player’s character dies in battle and the Small Cone of Incense provides 24 hours of powerful blessing, increasing a character’s power on the battlefield.

In order to celebrate the addition of these new quests that elevate Allods Online’s Free-to-Play status to unprecedented heights, every existing character on the European servers will receive a free in-game gift in their mailbox, provided they log in to the game within the next 30 days.

With Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor many exciting changes have been implemented for the Allods Online universe, like the Dream Factory, a new zone for Empire characters around level 20. Astral ships and allods have been improved and changed or, in some cases, completely revamped. The Arena of Death has evolved into a dynamic and exciting event with loads of epic treasures to acquire. Classes have been further improved and balanced and many community enhancements have been included. Details for these, and many more changes and tweaks, can be found in the full patch notes at:

This comprehensive set of changes from and the Allods Online development team is merely the first wave of improvements for the acclaimed MMORPG in the latter quarter of 2010, with both parties working closely on more features and new content, with release expected in a matter of months. The upcoming content will include a brand new guild levelling system, new zones and dungeons to explore, a new guild-versus-guild system to allow control of the Astral space itself, astral ship customisation and more.

Discover Allods Online and the world of Sarnaut for free on the portal. Players can simply register accounts and download the full game at:

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