Nimbus PC (online) Noumenon Games Oct 25, 2010

Puzzle Bots PC (online) Wadjet Eye Games Oct 25, 2010

Two Out Rally, Baseball MMORPG PC Two Out Rally Oct 25, 2010

Zodiac Mania PC (online) Aureus Oct 25, 2010

Battle vs Chess Mac Topware Oct 26, 2010

Battle vs Chess PC Topware Oct 26, 2010

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II PC LucasArts Oct 26, 2010

Counter-Strike Online PC (online) NEXON Oct 27, 2010

Forsaken World PC (online) Perfect World Entertainment Oct 27, 2010

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition PC Focus Home Interactive Oct 29, 2010

CSI Fatal Conspiracy PC Ubisoft Oct 29, 2010

Fate of the World Mac (online) Red Redemption Oct 29, 2010

Fate of the World PC (online) Red Redemption Oct 29, 2010

The Sims 3 Late Night Mac EA Oct 29, 2010

The Sims 3 Late Night PC EA Oct 29, 2010

FIFA Manager 11 PC EA Oct 29, 2010

Medal of Honor PC EA Oct 31, 2010

Millennium 3: Cry Wolf PC (online) Aldorlea Games Oct 31, 2010

More Voices for DC Universe Online

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Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) announced today that four new actors have been added to the cast of voice talent for DC Universe Online (DCUO).  The new cast additions include Arleen Sorkin (“Batman: The Animated Series”), Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”), Corey Burton (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”) and Dwight Schultz (“The A-Team,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation”). 

“The addition of these actors to our existing cast reaffirms our commitment to gamers to deliver the most fun and authentic DC Universe experience possible,” said Sony Online Entertainment executive producer John Blakely.  “They’re all experienced and talented performers and we’re excited for players to hear their work when they encounter them in the game.”

In addition to her career achievements as an actress, television host, writer and producer, Arleen Sorkin will again reprise her role as the Joker’s off-kilter girlfriend/henchman Harley Quinn, considered by many to be the most popular villainess on “Batman: The Animated Series.”

Wil Wheaton lends his skills to DCUO voicing Robin, the Boy Wonder.  As author, blogger and champion of geek culture, his successful acting career began in 1986 with acclaimed roles in Stand By Me and Toy Soldiers.  Recently he’s appeared on “Criminal Minds,” “Numb3rs” and “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” as the voice of Ted Kord, the Silver Age Blue Beetle. 

Joining the cast as the voice of Brainiac, Corey Burton began his voice-acting career over 35 years ago, studying the craft of radio drama with the legendary Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear.  As one of the last authentically old school “voice men” in America, the San Fernando Valley native has voiced sound alikes and original characters for hundreds of entertainment and educational productions. 

With forty years of acting experience to his credit, Dwight Schultz voices The Flash in DCUO.  Schultz is best known for his portrayals of ‘Howlin’ Mad Murdock’ from Stephen J. Canell’s “The A-Team” and ‘Reg Barclay’ from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  His voice credits include many popular videogames, TV and film animation projects such as Vampire Hunter D, Princess Mononoke, “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,” and most recently, chef ‘Mung Daal’ from the hit cartoon series “Chowder.” 

In DC Universe Online, players will be thrust headlong into an action-packed multiplayer online world based on the heroes, villains and landmarks of the DC Universe. In the game, players step into the role of the next legendary superhero or villain and are given the choice to save or conquer the universe online. Along the way, players will be fighting alongside or against iconic DC characters as well as other players for the fate of the DC Universe. 

DC Universe Online is scheduled to ship early 2011 for both the PC and thePlayStation 3 at an anticipated retail price of $49.99 (PC) and $59.99 (console).   DCUO is rated “T” (for Teen) by the ESRB, with Mild Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, and Violence.

An ancient evil lies dormant within the depths of your BlizzCon goody bag

An ancient evil lies dormant within the depths of your BlizzCon goody bag…. As a way of saying thanks for joining us for BlizzCon 2010, we’re pleased to present every attendee with a museum-quality maquette of one of Azeroth’s most fearsome figures—the tiny but terrible Dethling. Designed by Blizzard Entertainment artists and produced in partnership with Sideshow Collectibles, Dethling captures all the fury and rage of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm’s world-breaking villain, the corrupted black Dragon Aspect Deathwing, in a much smaller and friendlier form. Hand-cast in polystone and hand painted, each Dethling piece comes complete with a stamped base ready for display on your bookshelf, mantle, or weapon rack. This limited-edition souvenir collectible was created exclusively for BlizzCon 2010 and will never be reproduced for commercial sale.
Other items in the Goody Bag:

Deathy, World of Warcraft in-game pet and an exclusive set of murlocalyptic in-game items for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Blizzard Authenticator

PC Gaming News: RailWorks 2 Train Simulator Rolls in Retail Ltd., the leading innovator of rail simulation and modeling tools, announced today that RailWorks 2 Train Simulator is available to download on Steam and will be in retail stores shortly. The most realistic rail simulator on the market, RailWorks 2 enables enthusiasts to expand their virtual railroads in any way they wish. Current owners of the previous RailWorks product will be able to upgrade to RailWorks 2 for absolutely no additional charge.
“With most railroad simulators, players feel they need to get every update and expansion that comes out,” says Paul Jackson CEO of “RailWorks functions more like a traditional model railroad in that users can choose which add-ons, expansions and scenarios most appeal to them.”

RailWorks 2will be the most significant leap forward for rail simulators in a decade, offering a range of new features to make it more accessible to newcomers, plus enhancements and additional features to deliver greater playability and realism for experienced users. The core kit contains everything a player needs to set up and begin operating an extensive railroad, including train simulation, landscaping tools and downloadable content, and the software is updated automatically after purchase. Features include:
·         A complete railroad set up including 13 locomotives, an assortment of rolling stock, eight different routes, and a huge variety of scenery.
·         ‘RS Cab Control’: A heads up display for locomotive drivers, incorporating driver knowledge such as signaling, visual controls as well as in-game controls like camera angle. 
·         ‘RS Career System’: For the first time, RailWorks fans will be able to compare themselves to other users and have a precise method of achievement. Go head-to-head against other players, and set personal achievements on Career System scenarios.
Beyond the basic kit, users can choose from a wide variety of add-ons, scenarios and expansions to build the railway of their dreams. New content in both the RailWorks Ready and RailWorks Optimized lines include new locomotives, rolling stock and career scenarios, routes and landscapes, themed scenarios, and more. 
RailWorks 2 is available via download on Steam and at selected retailers, and current RailWorks owners will get the update absolutely free. For more information and to download a Quick Start guide, please visit

Grab the Mac Version of Frima Studio’s Big Brain Wolf on Steam Right Now for Only $4.99

Frima Studio, a leading and award-winning multiplatform game developer based in Quebec, announced today that its popular puzzle title, Big Brain Wolf, is currently on sale for $4.99 on Steam, a 50% reduction in price, until Friday, October 22 – what a howlingly good deal!


Big Brain Wolf is a downloadable 2D point-and-click adventure game for puzzle lovers.  As an asthmatic, vegetarian wolf in training, you will face over sixty unique puzzles and six brain-training exercises, all while encountering a colorful twist on the characters from classic fairy tales of old, including a chubby Red Riding Hood, a long-nosed lawyer, three little pigs, seven dwarves and many more. This crime story takes place in a fairy tale kingdom and features a slew of hilarious characters.

Big Brain Wolf is available now for PC and Mac, and can be downloaded at or Steam for $9.99 and $4.99, respectively


Atlus Online, a premiere destination for online entertainment, in collaboration with RossoIndex, is proud to reveal Pandora Saga™, a free-to-play MMORPG set in a fantasy world embroiled in a sweeping, player-driven war, coming to North America in early 2011.  Pandora Saga boasts battles of breathtaking scope-up to 600 players may simultaneously engage in weekly realm-versus-realm combat to extend their nation’s influence.  With an emphasis on fast-paced, strategy-laced real-time battles, Pandora Saga aims to set a new standard for free-to-play massively online roleplaying experiences.

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“Our goal with Pandora Saga is nothing less than raising gamers’ expectations for what a free-to-play MMORPG can be,” stated Producer Justin Guthrie of Atlus Online.  “Impressive scope and real-time combat involve and engage the player, bringing the back story and turmoil of the game world to life, while the various character and battle-related customization options give gamers a greater sense of ownership.  Players must consider their angle of attack and properly manage siege weaponry found in many of the game world’s contested zones in order to achieve dominance.”

Pandora Saga is slated to bring its exciting real-time combat and vast PvP wars to Atlus Online’s interactive portal in early 2011, joining the steampunk MMORPG Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent™, one of the most engaging, community-driven options on the market.  A closed beta for Pandora Saga is scheduled to begin in December

Atlantica Online’s ‘Play, Win, Drive!’ Event Winner Revs Engine; Receives 2011 Chevrolet Camaro

Get ready to go from zero-to-60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds! Ndoors Interactive, a popular online gaming publisher, concluded its “Play, Win, Drive!” event for Atlantica Online and awarded the grand-prize winner Gina Bui of Memphis, Tenn., with a new 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. Ndoors partnered with Southern California-based Martin Chevrolet to give the car away on-location at the dealership.

Bui and thousands of other Atlantica players logged in more than 43 million hours of gameplay during the two-month long event. As part of the prize, Ndoors flew Bui to Los Angeles to spend the day meeting the Atlantica Online production team. Joined by her father, 19-year-old Bui made her way to Martin Chevrolet in Torrance, Calif. to get the keys to her new Camaro.

“Seeing her smile as we handed her keys to a new Camaro reminded all of us why we work so hard making Atlantica Online a great gaming experience,” said Peter Kang, CEO of Ndoors Interactive. “The event was a resounding success and the presentation was a great way to highlight Atlantica Online as we celebrate its two-year anniversary.”

With the car, Ndoors concluded its recent run of giving away more than $30,000 in cash and prizes, including:

• Alienware M15X notebook computer
• Bose speaker system
• Razer keyboard and mouse
• 2 million in-game items and additional prizes

This is Ndoors’ second year giving away a car to the winner of the summer mega event. In addition to capping off the summer mega event, Ndoors is also celebrating Atlantica Online’s second anniversary this month with a number of in-game events. During the past two years, players accumulated more than 10 million hours of game time, competed in 1 million competitive matches and teamed up with over 7 million mercenaries.

“It was such a long shot to win the mega event so I was shocked when I found out I was selected,” said Gina Bui, winner of the ‘Play, Win, Drive!’ event. “It is just beginning to feel realistic now that I have the keys in my hand. It’s been a great experience – flying out to Los Angeles, meeting the team at Ndoors and receiving the keys to my new Camaro.”



Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and LucasArts, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., have announced that the Star Wars(r): Clone Wars Adventures(tm) Galactic Passport is now available for purchase at major North American retailers for the suggested retail price of $19.99. The all-new retail package includes a 90-day premium Jedi Membership, 500 Station Cash(tm), the exclusive Togruta playable character species, a Yoda bobblehead monitor topper, additional digital content and more.

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“With the launch of Clone Wars Adventures Galactic Passport at retail we are able to offer fans a mix of real-world and virtual world content to enjoy and enhance their gameplay,” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment.  “With the holiday season right around the corner, the Galactic Passport and Yoda bobblehead will make great stocking stuffers for Star Wars fans of all ages.”

Developed and published by SOE, creators of the critically acclaimed kids’ game, Free Realms(tm), and licensed by LucasArts, in conjunction with Lucasfilm Ltd., Clone Wars Adventures is an action-packed browser-played virtual world based on the characters and plot of the hit Star Wars(r): The Clone Wars(tm) animated TV series on Cartoon Network(tm). Players can now experience fun minigames, daily activities, events, rewards, lively social environments and competition alongside their favorite Star Wars characters, including Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Ahsoka Tano.

“Following new episodes, each week since launch Clone Wars Adventures has added a variety of wearables, items and fresh minigame content taken directly from the animated show,” said Mary Bihr, Global VP of Publishing, LucasArts. “With more than two million registered players to date, Clone Wars Adventures resonates with the series fans and adds a whole new dimension of fan immersion.”

Later this month, Clone Wars Adventures $10 Station Cash cards will also be available at major North American retailers. Each major retailer will have an exclusive virtual item set for players to collect, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Cody or Captain Argyus (four total items in each set) with the purchase of their respective Station Cash cards.  One item in the collection will be granted each time a new card is redeemed in-game. These cards will be the only way to gain access to these armor and wearable sets.

In Clone Wars Adventures, players become the next great hero of the Republic by creating their own personal avatar with thousands of customization options.  As members of the Republic, they will speed through space in a Starfighter, take out waves of battle droids in Tower Defense, and test their brains with challenging Droid(tm) programming puzzles.  Players can also purchase legendary Star Wars outfits, items and accessories through micro-transactions using Station Cash, SOE’s virtual currency.

BlizzCon(r) 2010 Gaming Convention Begins This Week

Blizzard Entertainment’s two-day gaming festival celebrating the Warcraft(r), StarCraft(r), and Diablo(r) game universes and their global player communities, begins on Friday, October 22, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Attendees of the sold-out show will be able to play the latest versions of Blizzard Entertainment(r) games as well as speak with developers in discussion panels, witness live top-tier tournament competition, participate in a wide range of activities, and meet with fellow gamers and friends.

Jay Mohr has returned to act as master of ceremonies for the community contests taking place on Friday, including the popular dance and costume competitions, and the show will close on Saturday evening with an epic concert featuring the duo that has been hailed by its own members as the greatest band in the world, Tenacious D — otherwise known as Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The band will be performing an earth-shattering set at BlizzCon that includes the debut of new, soon-to-be-legendary songs.

Anyone unable to attend BlizzCon can still purchase a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, featuring more than 50 hours of live HD coverage as well as the exclusive BlizzCon 2010 World of Warcraft(r) in-game pet and StarCraft II in-game items. This package is available globally via Internet stream and also through DIRECTV(r) satellite television service in the United States (free Internet stream included with DIRECTV Pay Per View event purchases).

Limited streaming coverage of the BlizzCon opening ceremony and certain BlizzCon tournaments will be available via the Internet for free. Visit the official BlizzCon website,<>,

for more information.

“We look forward to providing a truly entertaining and informative convention experience to all attendees, as well as those joining us remotely from around the world,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “BlizzCon offers a great opportunity for us to meet our players and share the latest news about Blizzard games with them, and with the help of Tenacious D, we’re sure this year’s show will be one the audience will never forget.”

BlizzCon would not be possible without the enthusiasm of Blizzard Entertainment gamers around the world and the generous support of the event’s sponsors, who provide demo-station hardware, peripherals, and more. This year’s platinum-level sponsors are ASUS, DIRECTV, Intel, and NVIDIA; the gold-level sponsors are Antec, Razer, Western Digital, SteelSeries, and Vasco.

Anyone attending BlizzCon who is interested in pursuing career opportunities at Blizzard Entertainment should bring their resumes, demo reels, art portfolios, or business cards, as the global staffing team will be on hand to accept materials and discuss any job-related questions.