Alibre, Inc., the award-winning developer of the world’s most affordable professional 3D design software, announced today that Alibre Design 3D lets you create your own robots for the holidaysThe perfect holiday gift for anyone that loves science and creating robots, inventions, and gadgets, the award-winning Alibre Design was used by kids and adults to create one-of-a-kind robots, including “Stance” the walking robot, the “Skunksworks Lab” GPS controlled unmanned vehicle robot, and “SADBot,” the drawing robot that creates art according to the season and weather.  

“Stance,” the Biped Rebot that Walks & Sees

“Stance,” is a biped walking robot with a smooth human-like gait, created using Alibre Design, by Josh Sanderson, President of JGS Technical.  “Stance” walks through remote control and “sees” through a high-definition video camera.  Unlike most hobbyist robots that have a spasmodic and abrupt walk, the “Stance” robot walks smoother, with more realistic motion.  Sanderson found it is easy to build a customized robot using Alibre.  Once the basics of his design were created in 3D with Alibre, Sanderson tweaked it with the information he got from his study of walking, and added custom parts created in Alibre.  Alibre Design’s parametric controls allowed him to exactly adjust sizes and positions of parts during his experiments.

Do It Yourself Robot at Home

Anyone can create a robot like “Stance, which was made using Alibre Design with the basic building blocks of a small motor, servo, and mounting bracket from the hobbyist dealer, Lynxmotion’s Servo Erector Set.  Lynxmotion provides 3D part models in Alibre’s format, so designers can choose to configure the components in many different ways.  “If I need to make custom parts, it’s simpler to do the fitting on the 3D model with Alibre.  All the accurate measurements are right there,” Sanderson explains.  “I can adjust each of the parameters and have the models react immediately.  Alibre Design is a high-level parametric modeler, which makes it ideal for prototypes.”  

Students Create Award-Winning Unmanned Vehicle Robot

Students from the Southern Methodist University (SMU) SkunkWorks Lab created a GPS controlled unmanned vehicle robot activated via a cell phone interface.  Under the supervision of Nathan Huntoon, Director of the Innovation Gymnasium, SMU, the SkunkWorks Lab used Alibre to design all the parts of their vehicle, before they even built it.  “What is amazing, is the students designed the vehicle in 3D first and when it came time to fit all the parts together, every piece fell in place perfectly,” said Huntoon.  The Skunkworks Lab recently displayed their award-winning design at the TEDxSMU event in Dallas.

Solar-Powered Artistic Robot Created for New York City Gallery


Dustyn Roberts, Founder of Dustyn Robots, used Alibre Design to create SADbot (Seasonally Affected Drawing Robot), a solar powered, interactive drawing robot created in partnership with Ben Leduc-Mills for the Eyebeam Window Gallery in New York City.  Roberts and Leduc-Mills used two 18.5” x 13” solar panels to power two stepper motors which controlled a pen in two dimensions.  SADbot took input from people walking outside the gallery window by using a set of sensors which tell how much light they’re getting (photocells).  SADbot knew if someone was covering up one of the sensors, and could change its drawing behavior accordingly.  SADbot was also recently on display at the Maker Faire convention for inventors and makers, held September 2010 in NY.

New Alibre Design 2011 with Dramatic Improvements – Makes it Easier to Create a Robot


The winner of Maker Faire Detroit’s “Editor’s Choice” 2010 Award, Alibre is providing exciting new ways for people to create and design robots and gadgets in 3D.  Alibre recently announced the more powerful Alibre Design 2011 with dramatic improvements in ease-of-use, efficiency and performance.  Priced thousands less than competitors, starting at only $99 for Personal Edition (PE), $699 for Professional, and $1399 for Expert, new improvements and features include a full port of the code to C# (making it the first native 64-bit version), powerful sheet metal conversion tools, and a myriad of time saving tools and customization features. 

“Alibre Design 2011 lets people take their vision and turn it into a reality in record time by digitally prototyping or printing their 3D models, enabling everyone, from adults, kids, DIYers, inventors, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and scientists to become entrepreneurs and set-up their own businesses in their homes and garages,” said J. Paul Grayson, Chairman and CEO, Alibre Inc. 


For more info:

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Alibre:  To purchase Alibre Design 2011:

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