Sony Online Entertainment Releases Green Mana

MtGT - LogoSony Online Entertainment today releases the natural power of Green Mana, revealing some of the gargantuan creatures and elemental spells appearing in Magic: The Gathering – Tactics, the animated grid-based tactics title due out this winter for the PC.

 Life, growth and continual regeneration drive Green Mana wizards to war against the manmade artifacts and enchantments that threaten the natural order of the world. Taping into the strength of the earth itself, Green Planeswalkers can extend their own life with regenerating spells while summoning frenzied behemoths that trample weaker creatures under hoof. Planeswalkers can pull from a wealth of forest found creatures, including the unstoppable Force of Nature, the Enormous Baloth and legendary planeswalker Garruk Wildspeaker

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