A wedding is a joyous occasion, but none so more than in the world of Lucent Heart where this week the nuptials of William and Kate will be celebrated exclusively in-game.

Lucent Heart is a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) adventure game from leading publisher Gamania, where the forces of good battle evil for control over the world of Acadia. The game is inspired by the zodiac and Greek mythology which sees the player’s action’s influenced by their daily horoscopes, and features Cupid match-making for players to join and fight together as they venture forth into the land of Acadia.

This match-making can even lead to marriage, where during recent Beta testing, some players have already made their commitment to each other. Players can plan a wedding in-game, with all their in-game friends in attendance.

This exclusive ‘Lucent Heart Royal Wedding’ trailer ‘televises’ the parade and service and provides a sneak peek into their romantic reception party.

Niall Callaghan, Product Manager of Gamania UK said; “We wanted to celebrate the wedding of the year in our own way and Lucent Heart is the perfect setting for William and Kate to tie the knot. We have to be honest here and say it’s not THE William and Kate, but the characters do look quite like them…”

Niall concludes; “On behalf of Gamania and Lucent Heart, we’d like to wish Prince William and Kate Middleton a wonderful wedding day and the best of luck for the future, and we hope they join us in Acadia soon…for real!”

The Gamania team invites everyone to join the festivities starting the 28th of April until the 2nd of May. As well as the Royal wedding ceremony and following party on the 29th April, the Lucent Heart community team will offer other forms of entertainment as well such as exclusive competitions, fun events and giant boss fights. Players who register at beanfun! ( before Wednesday the 27th at midnight (CET) will receive 10,000 stardust points, which can be used to purchase special items in-game. Players who want to attend the wedding in style can grab a redeemable code for a Royal Lion mount at one of the media partners, which will be published on the following forum thread:

Major LEGO® Universe Content Updates Coming Next Week

LEGO® Universe is rolling out a huge round of content updates next week, with major expansions to explore and new features to inspire. On May 3, players must band together to tackle a cooperative building challenge; a month-long mission to complete the construction of the Nexus Tower. LEGO Universe will also add a fiery hot racetrack, exclusive racing vehicles and bigger Property worlds, with new capabilities – like placing pets on your personal Property and bringing them to life! All of this, plus tons of new models, missions, rewards and more, are headed to LEGO Universe next week.

It takes a village… to a raise Nexus Tower

An upcoming community building mission will have all minifigures in the LEGO Univers e working together to help assemble the greatest in-game creation yet – Nexus Tower! Currently under construction, the Nexus Tower will protect the Nexus of Imagination from Maelstrom enemy forces upon completion.
To finish the Tower, the heroic Nexus Force needs help. Well, actually, they need more bricks! An urgent donation drive begins next week, and players will have one month to complete the task. Only a truly collaborative effort will make Nexus Tower a reality, to serve as a beacon of light and hope to minifigures across the LEGO Universe! The cause is nobler than ever, and the Nexus Force is calling on players to contribute bricks as soon as possible, before the Maelstrom snuffs out Imagination forever.

Throughout the month-long challenge, stop by Nimbus Station Race Place to drop off bricks at the Nexus Force donation machine. Generous donors will earn achievements and rare one-time-only rewards.

Hot new racetrack, cool new cars

Beginning next week, players can outrace the Maelstrom itself, on a fiery new racetrack – the most challenging yet in LEGO Universe! Players will venture deep within the dangerous, dragon-filled depths of Forbidden Valley to find the Dragonmaw Chasm racetrack, complete with a slew of new missions and some super-hot rewards. Skilled survivors can unlock new achievements, along with racecars like the Fire Brawl and Mach Lava.

Eight exclusive vehicles, coming to LEGO Universe next week, will give players a speedy new way to flaunt their Faction pride and get in the racing spirit this month! Designed in true Nexus Force fashion, the sleek new cars and rockets are representative of the four Factions found in LEGO Universe, including the powerful Sentinels, daring Venture League, creative Assembly and mysterious Paradox.

Property worlds: bigger, better, fuzzier

Two highly-anticipated Property updates are also major news this month, giving players more space to build and new ways to bring their creations – and pets – to life in LEGO Universe. A huge new Property world was just discovered in Nimbus Station, and will be accessible when Nimbus Isle debuts next week. For players who’s Block Yards are bursting at the brim, Nimbus Isle will offer well-welcomed, bigger building room, complete with remarkable LEGO ocean views.

And it gets better! Beginning next week, players will be able to place pets on their in-game Properties and bring them alive with behaviors. There’s no telling what amazing animal masterpieces the LEGO Universe will dream up, and players can draw even more inspiration from new Zoo and Safari-themed model sets, available next week from the model vendor in Nimbus Station.

Got a Netbook? Then, Go Crazy with these 4 Apps!

Viva Media’s got Crazy Machines for Netbook gamers addicted to the infectious puzzle game.  Presenting the Inventor’s Workshop and New Challenges, these games will keep gamers busy with creative fun!  These apps, developed by FAKT are the latest installments of this well known franchise to come to the apple app store.  The games have been especially made to run on netbooks with both Microsoft Windows® 7 and Windows® XP.

Inventor’s Workshop
Inventor’s Workshop – Over 100 Challenging Puzzles. Create unique contraptions with an incredible physics engine featuring air-pressure, electricity, gravity, particle effects, and more! Experiment with gears, robots, explosives, & more in your own virtual lab. Find multiple solutions by fine-tuning your creations every time you play! Turn the crank, rotate the gears, or push the levers. Use the catapult, explode it, or fly it…From grilling sausages with a pulley, gears, rubber-bands, and a candle to firing a cannon with a basketball, these wacky brain-teasers will light up your imagination with creative and addictive fun!

New Challenges
Get ready for superb puzzle action as you invent and build wacky contraptions to solve tricky brainteasers, using a physics engine with air-pressure, electricity, gravity, and particle effects. Enjoy over 100 gizmo-twisting levels as you work your way through exciting challenges from the laboratory or create your own with a free-style editor. It’s all up to you how you use robots, toasters, cannons, blowtorches, bottle rockets, gears, bombs, and much more!

New from the Lab
Enjoy all-new elements, background, music, and more in the game that lets you be the master of mechanics. Continue the fun with bottle rockets, cannons, bombs, and robots. Get ready for superb puzzle action as you invent and build crazy machines to solve tricky brainteasers. Create your own lab that even the maddest of scientists would envy! Turn a few cogwheels and you’ll soon be out of your mind…

Inventor’s Training Camp
Design crazy contraptions and make them work! Light up your imagination with creative brainteasers and design your own setups in your own personal lab! Addictive fun for the whole family! Create Your Own Zany “Rube Goldberg” Devices! Go crazy with brand new gizmo-twistin’ levels! Enjoy all-new elements, music, backgrounds and more. Get ready for explosive action and building fun using awesome & wacky parts – including bottle rockets, cannons, bombs, and robots. The Ultimate Brain-Teasing Puzzle Game with 3D graphics, multiple solutions and fun that will never end!

Platform: PC Netbooks
OS: Windows 7®, Windows XP®.
Price: $9.99

Shuttle Computer Celebrates Earth Day with PCs Built on ‘Green Energy’

To celebrate Earth Day, Shuttle, a world-leading PC manufacturer focused on high-performance small form factor desktops, today announced plans for the company’s first solar energy powered facility at the U.S. headquarters as part of its efforts to reduce Shuttle’s carbon footprint and energy costs, as well as build Shuttle PCs in a ‘greener’ way.

“Shuttle PCs are already green by design,” said Nicolas Villalobos, Director at Shuttle Computer, North America. “It’s engineered to be smaller and more-efficient, yet just as powerful as a full size desktop. Now, we’re doing our part to make an even greener PC — starting from our facilities.”

505 Games Reveals Dawn of Fantasy Details, Plots the Perfect Online Strategy Game

505 Games is pleased to reveal more details on Dawn of Fantasy, the ground-breaking MMORTS in development at Reverie World Studios. Dawn of Fantasy is a challenging online and offline strategy game where players take control of one of three races in a variety of game modes.

 The three game modes in Dawn of Fantasy test the boundaries of modern strategy games.  In the massively multiplayer “Online Kingdom” and the single-player “Kingdom Wars” worlds, players will train and command massive armies in pitched battle. These armies can be tasked to either defend their own town or to raze other strongholds on the World Map, a strategic overview of the world. Upon reaching a player or NPC town on the strategy map, armies are given the opportunity to declare war and engage in all-out combat, switching to a tactical view for battles.

 “Lay Siege”, one of the many ways to play Dawn of Fantasy, gives players the chance to try out their combat skills on an enemy stronghold – in either a practice setting or in the persistent online arena – while “Defend Castle” has you take the part of the besieged, surviving waves of attackers.

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Even with all these modes, “Online Kingdom” is the heart of the game, offering players the chance to write a bloody history for the game world of Mythador. Players enter a richly-detailed, endless world, ranging from the high mountain peaks of Southmount in the human realm of Teria to the swamps of Ertheel’Bala of the Wood Elves. In this troubled world, there is no avoiding the dark intentions of the enigmatic, power-hungry and corrupt wizards. The only question is whether the player will prove just another pawn in a dark scheme, or if they shall bring light to Mythador once more.
Players will find themselves in a constant war with their neighbors for supremacy, while guilds and the wealthiest of players control the global trade. Due to the persistent environment of Mythador, a player’s stronghold and economy will always be growing – regardless of whether its owner is online. Even after the campaign, players will have entire regions with beautiful citadels to discover and learn the history of, as well as a vast, randomized regional environment to freely explore to make new allies, or foes, with its peoples. Whether you strive for the top of the competitive multiplayer ladder, create a guild whose name is whispered in fear throughout the realms, or create an entirely new adventure using the powerful editing tools – Mythador is yours for the taking.
Reveries World Studios is a new developer comprised of RTS veterans who’ve worked on titles including Empire Earth and Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. They are based in Toronto, Canada. More information can be found at

Key Features

  • Complete dozens of story-driven quests in services of kings, wizards, and fellow adventurers.
  • Interact with thousands of other players through trading, forging alliances, and waging war in both Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment battles.
  • Build up your villages into towns and then mighty empires, cast magic upon your enemies with dozens of unique spells, and lay siege to your enemies with great trebuchets.
  • Use the brute strength of the walking woods, ogres, and dragon mercenaries to reign supreme.
  • Play as three different races – elves, men, and orcs – each of which offers a radically different play style and has been given a deep, compelling mythology, a dramatic historical background, and a spectrum of complex political ambitions that drive the story and gameplay
  • “Lay Siege” mode allows players to practice taking opponent’s castles, while “Defend Castle” is the opposite.
  • “Kingdom Wars” mode allows players to experience a single-player campaign.
  • “Online Kingdoms” is the main, massively multiplayer, version of the game that follows the plot


Funtactix, a worldwide developer and publisher of online worlds and social games, announced today the upcoming launch of the New Boyz avatar-based online world as part of a broader agreement with Warner Music Group (WMG). Funtactix has created a customized virtual world for fans of the New Boyz, built upon a music-driven online gaming and digital merchandise platform.

New Boyz: The WORLD, the official online world for the hip hop duo that boasts one of the fastest growing online followings with two million Facebook fans, will mark the first musician-based massively-multiplayer online world ever launched. Available beginning May 2 through the New Boyz Facebook page,, New Boyz: The WORLD allows fans to enter an authentic world entirely dedicated to the group. New Boyz fans will be able to create an avatar reflecting the New Boyz style while personalizing it with virtual clothing and merchandise.

“Our artists and bands have some of the most dedicated followers,” said Andie Simon, Senior Vice President, Interactive Media, Warner Music Group. “With Funtactix’s dynamic platform and game design expertise, we are excited to collaborate with them and offer our artists another way to reach their fans.” 

According to a recent study by Forbes, the global market for virtual goods in 2010 was estimated at $10 billion. According to Frank N. Magid Associates, online world game players boast the second-highest concentration of digital goods buyers.

In addition to the New Boyz’s popularity on Facebook, the duo has a rapidly-growing Twitter following and has released a series of viral digital music videos that have received tens of millions of views. 

“A stage appears to be surrounded by only three walls, but there’s a fourth wall there you can’t see – that’s the one that separates the musician from the audience,” said Sam Glassenberg, CEO of Funtactix. “Our partnership breaks down this ‘fourth wall’ and lets fans enter the worlds of Warner Music’s broad roster of new stars and legendary artists so they can connect and interact with their favorite bands in an entirely new way.”

At New Boyz: The WORLD, fans can also teach their avatar the Jerk Dance moves created by the New Boyz, get official limited-edition virtual goods, play exclusive New Boyz-themed games, hang out and socialize with other fans, enjoy in-world virtual concerts and participate in exclusive online events featuring the New Boyz.

Funtactix will also create custom-built avatar-based online worlds for additional WMG artists, creating a first-of-its-kind backstage pass for fans to enter the official world of their favorite musicians. The experiences are built for fans with ongoing artist involvement, creating a new channel for delivering a complete experience that extends beyond the music: unlocking the artists’ visual style, dance moves, fashion, and delivering it directly to the fans through visually-stunning online worlds and digital goods

Ubisoft® Leverages Gamebryo 3D Engine for Rocksmith™

Gamebase USA, a subsidiary of Gamebase Co., Ltd, announced today that Ubisoft is using the Gamebryo engine to develop Rocksmith, the first and only game where players can use any real guitar with a standard quarter-inch input jack and play through an in-depth library of music, ranging from top 40 to classic rock. The game will be available on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC and is set to release in the fall of 2011.

“The advantage of using Gamebryo is that we were able to get the game up and running in a short amount of time and iterate quickly during the preproduction phase of the project,” said Nao Higo, Sr. Producer of Rocksmith for Ubisoft. “When trying out new ideas, it’s always easier to get everyone’s buy-in when you can actually get the mechanics running on-screen. Gamebryo allowed us to implement gameplay very quickly so we could prove our designs early on in the development process.”

Rocksmithwill feature gameplay that automatically adjusts to the player’s skill level, as well as an innovative game design that makes reading music fun and intuitive. The game engages all musicians, ranging from the experienced rocker to fledgling novice.

“We are excited to be involved in the creation of such an innovative title as Rocksmith.TheGamebryo engine delivered the reliability and flexibility that Ubisoft needed for development and gameplay implementation,” said David Brame, CEO of Gamebase USA. “We look forward to Rocksmith’s release later this year.”

Best known for its industry-leading 3D game engines, Gamebryo and LightSpeed, Gamebase USA’s technologies have been selected by studios around the world to bring nearly 300 titles across more than 15 genres to market, including titles like Kung-Fu LIVE, Epic Mickey, QQ Speed, Divinity II – Ego Draconis, Dance on Broadway, LEGO Universe, Bully, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and Civilization Revolution.

CREATE FUN to save the World! with CARGO: The Quest for Gravity

It’s up to you to create fun and save the world! Embark on an unprecedented quest for gravity in Viva Media’s newest release, Cargo. In Cargo, you will be asked to put your creativity to work as you build up wacky machines that fly and dive as you garner enough fun to restore gravity back to our planet. Search for Cargo floating around and use this debris – from the Statue of Liberty to Big Ben and the Eiffel Towner to stake out new lands. Boasting a completely fresh and unique look, the game story hooks in players as it combines physics based puzzles solving with insanely addictive game play. Players will be challenged to think and use their solutions in this outrageous game where gravity and creativity meets fun!

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