Diablo 3 Beta…. The Adventure continues with Bobotheclown

by Angie Quidim.

I did it.  I finally created a barbarian and she is the awesome character I thought the Barbarian would be.  She’s female and her name is Bobothe clown for those of you playing the beta.  She has been a bit luckier than the rest of the characters I have created as she picked up Griswold’s Edge within the first few missions.  For those of you who don’t know what Griswold’s Edge was in the previous Diablo games, it was one of the rare items that had great stats.  My favorite stat that was on this particular sword was knockback and fire damage (imagine lines of flaming zombies flying back against the screen).  I have encountered more item classes in the game with her. Grey items are the lowest.  White items are standard issue; they come in fine, superior, and masterwork grades.  Blue items are the magic items with various traits. Red Items are like legendary unique items in World of Warcraft.  Gold items are rare and are really hard to find;you would most likely find these items in public games.

Within my first few missions, I noticed the barbarian’s traits that have carried over;good close range melee attacks, area of affect specials, also a leap attack that helps get out of tight corners.  You can use a multitude of weapons and your special attacks are fueled on Fury.  No.  This is not warcraft.  And yes I said Fury.  The more damage you take the more fury you build.  This opens up your special skills menu for battle shouts and other special area of effect attacks.

The barbarian equipment is pretty standard with special warrior pieces that drop every so often.  As with previous Diablo games the barbarian can dual wield one handed weapons and pack a huge punch. 

That’s all for now… Next on the diary   Magic finding runs…


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