Preorders of Afterfall InSanity taken now

Pre-orders for the digital version of the hotly anticipated PC game, Afterfall: InSanity are being taken as of today. Nicolas Games, the producer and publisher of the game decided to lead a unique and unprecedented marketing campaign by surprising everyone with the ‘Afterfall: InSanity $1 pre-order’ project, which in short gives players the opportunity to pre-order the game for a single dollar.

Afterfall: InSanity for just $1? Revolutionary and controversial debut method of a new game.

The pre-orders can be made directly from the game’s website Once the company’s target goal is achieved Afterfall: InSanity will be distributed among the p2p (peer 2 peer) networks such as Torrent. Additionally, 10% of the revenues will be donated to one of the largest charity organisations in the world. However, if the number of pre-orders does not reach the 10 million copy sales target, then the revenue collected will be donated to the charity in its entirety. Besides the game itself, players will receive the soundtrack as an added bonus, and those who will register their order will immortalized as part of the game by having their names included as part of the credits.

Nicolas Games is throwing down the gauntlet to the whole industry. ‘As an independent distributor we can afford to try starting a revolution. Being absolute game fanatics ourselves, we want to prove that high-class games do not have to be associated with high price tags. Our goal is to attract players from all over the world and offer them a great deal; if we can get 10 million people to buy our game we will sell it for just 1 dollar. I strongly believe that this news will electrify the whole market and together we will set a new record,’ Tomasz Majka, the CEO of Nicolas Games said.

Nicolas Games breaks records.

Afterfall: InSanity is the first production created by the Nicolas Games SA, set in Katowice in Poland. Since 2009 a group of young graphic designers, programmers and game designers has been working on Afterfall; meanwhile the word was being spread around the globe about the upcoming survival-horror production gathering a solid base of players who are now waiting for its premiere. ‘The atmosphere of anticipation is our greatest motivation, we will not let our fans down. At the same time we are fully aware of the struggle and effort we as a debuting producer need to put in to attract the attention of players and the media. Our campaign ‘Afterfall: InSanity $1 pre-order’ will help us achieve that and probably cause some controversy around our game as well.’ Patryk Hamerlak, the Marketing Director at Nicolas Entertainment Group said. ‘We want to draw attention. It’s suppose to be a small revolution, for we are not just fighting for the success of our product but also for all of the independent producers and those smaller ones as well. Even if we don’t succeed in our madness I am sure that we will draw enough players to offer the game for a market value price of $33,90,’ he adds.

Afterfall: InSanity is a survival horror set in a post apocalyptic Afterfall universe exhausted by the Third World War. The story-line begins in 2035 when the protagonist, psychiatrist Albert Tokaj makes a desperate attempt to leave the shelter inhabited by the nuclear war survivors. The world premiere of the digital version of the Afterfall: InSanity will take place on 25th of November, from that moment on players will be allowed to order the game before its actual premiere with the use of a special digital platform created by Tro Media company from Wroclaw in Poland.

Another major player on the market With the premiere of Afterfall: InSanity, Nicolas Games joins the group of Polish producers who create a high-class titles directed towards the foreign markets. The stakes are high; according to PricewaterhouseCoopers the value of Polish games industry is estimated at 0.5mln dollars, whereas the world market, which we aim for with Afterfall: InSanity, has eventually resisted the economic crisis and its value has exceeded 60mld dollars. How much of that cake will the debuting producer Nicolas Games get to taste depends to a large extent on the success of its new production.

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