Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple Fans

By Sean McQuillan

With their new commercial, “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here,” Samsung ribs Apple fans waiting in line for the new Apple product.  With lines like “If it looks the same, how will people know I’ve upgraded?” it’s clear they’re mocking the Hipsteresque personal some Apple fans seem to portray.  See for yourself.

Are you an Apple Fan?  Are you offended or persuaded?

Source: Mashable

World of Warcraft patch 4.3 Preview

By Sean McQuillan

Okay WoW fans, patch 4.3 “Hour of Twilight” is fixing to introduce loads of new content. and to get things rolling the have released a 10 minute preview of the new dungeons and Raids.  It seems that the battle for Azeroth with Deathwing rages on, and this time crashing into Northrend.  We see Dragonblight seeing carnage and destruction well beyond what we’ve seen at the Wrathgate.  This preview shows us the faces of Deathwing’s allies that we must fight through, and a preview of the epic battles.  We see the re-emergence of the Infinite Dragonflight, who has been trying to destroy all existence by unraveling time itself.  We see Sylvanas’ return to Northrend, and with her increased power with the fall of Arthas, we may see a hint at her attempt to expand her dominion over the damned.  Fight along side the other Dragon Aspects as Wyrmrest Temple is shaken to it’s very foundation.  Fight to the bitter end and see the true face of Deathwing’s corruption and deterioration as you fight on his own back peeling away his adamantite armor.  Truly one of the most epic patches Blizzard has released to Date.  My words don’t do it justice, just give it a watch!

In addition to all this wonderful content, 4.3 will be introducing plenty of new features:

Raid Finder– Players can quickly and easily form a raid for a specifically tuned version of the Dragon Soul raid; works much like the Dungeon Finder feature.  This feature is a godsend for any who don’t have the time or the patience for a large raiding guild. Just like the regular Dungeon finder, this is likely to feature it’s share of morons and leeches.  I’m hoping that there’s a gear matching system to pair players with similarly geared allies.

Transmogrification – Customize the appearance of your weapons and armor.  While people have been asking for GuildWars style Armor Dye bottles, Transmogrification is above and beyond.  Being able to change your armor’s model to any other piece you’ve acquired will certainly lead to farming of old dungeons, or worse: Warcraft Hipsters.

Void Storage – Players of all levels can now open up 80 slots of long-term storage space.  While I’ve never really had storage problems, I’m never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I’m just excited to see more Ethereals.  They were the coolest looking part of Burning Crusade and it’s nice to see them relevant again.

Fangs of the Father – Legendary rogue quest line.  Full info on that is here. It’s looks like a new legendary dagger for rogues that will mirror the decent into madness and corruption that Deathwing suffered.  The coolest part?  You can get WINGS.

Note pictured: Stable full of lonely mounts.

·         The all-new Darkmoon Faire – Darkmoon Faire has been completely redesigned and offers all-new games and rewards for players to experience.  Full info on that here.  As an avid mount collector I can’t wait for the new mounts and pets available. 

What are you looking forward to most?  Let us know in the comments below!

Call of Duty ELITE’s Friday Night Fights Premieres November 25

Friday Night Fights, the first original entertainment program to air on Call of Duty® ELITE will debut this Friday, November 25th. Executive produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s RSA Films, and director RJ Cutler, Friday Night Fights lets real life rivals settle their differences Call of Duty® style via epic multiplayer battles in Call of Duty®:
Modern Warfare® 3. The inaugural episode features one of the greatest rivalries of all, pitting teams from the U.S. Army vs. U.S. Navy.
The new weekly series
is being produced from Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI), and is available exclusively to premium members of Activision’s new digital service, Call of Duty ELITE.

“From the beginning, our goal with Call of Duty ELITE has been to bring the Call of Duty community together in new ways. Fans of Call of Duty spend as much time playing the game, as sports fans spend following their favorite teams—if not more. So we figured, if sports fans get all kinds of shows outside of the games to feed their passion, why not do the same thing for Call of Duty fans?” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO, Activision Publishing. “When you’re working with the likes of executive producers Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, the production values don’t get any higher.
And the Call of Duty community deserves nothing less. We want to give people new ways to connect with the game they love. That’s what Call of Duty ELITE is about, and Friday Night Fights is just the beginning.”

Friday Night Fights will premiere this Friday, November 25th at noon PST on Call of Duty ELITE as part of ELITE’s program guide, which is available to premium members.

Following each initial broadcast, Friday Night Fights will be available for replay via streaming. Users can register for Call of Duty ELITE by going to

World of Warcraft Seventh Anniversary and DVR Alert

World of Warcraft Seventh Anniversary
World of Warcraft is turning seven on Wednesday, November 23. To celebrate this anniversary with the community, all players who log in between Sunday, November 20 and Saturday, December 3 will receive a Feat of Strength and a celebration package item. When used, the package shoots off fireworks and temporarily grants both a special tabard and a 7% experience point and reputation bonus.

DVR Alert: New World of Warcraft TV Spot Airs Sunday on CBS
This Sunday, November 20, an all-new World of Warcraft television commercial will debut on CBS during theChargers-Bears NFL game (kickoff time: 1:15 p.m. PST/4:15 p.m. EST). The ad is set to air sometime during the first half… and when the star of this spot asks, “what’s your game?” you’d best have an answer ready.

Lightest Material in the World

By Sean McQuillan

You’re probably familiar with Aerogel, or “Frozen Smoke” as it made its rounds on science shows, and even on “Penn and Teller Tell a Lie.”  It’s amazing stuff, used by NASA for space suits and it’s 99.9% air.

And as Penn and Teller point out, it can stop a flamethrower!

It’s come to be known as the world’s lightest solid, but not anymore.  Scientists have now developed a “Micro Lattice” material with a density of 0.9 mg/cm3 (Compared to 4 mg/cm3 of Aerogel) and it is 99.99% air.  Rather than looking something like a sponge, in the 0.01% that is there, this material consists of a micro-lattice of interconnected hollow nickel-phosphorous tubes with a wall thickness of 100 nanometers – or 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Can it stop a flamethrower?  Well that remains to be seen, it’s not currently ready for such large production, but the developers do say that it’s structure lends it incredible flexibility, with the ability to completely recover from compression exceeding 50 percent strain.   Neat!

Source: Gizmag

New Augmented Reality System

By Sean McQuillan

This new wearable AR system allows new workers to get a visual guide by more experienced workers not one site.  From what it looks like, it resembles a training level in a computer game, complete with on screen hand gestures of what you should do to interact with various objects in the environment.   The best part is that it is hobbled together from existing electronics, making its construction cheap and easy.  While this currently has a mundane purpose, assisting workers in difficult environments, one could easily see how this system could accept a gamification.  Imagine walking around a construction site and seeing messages left by other workers just floating in the air, indicating hazards or unfinished tasks.  When you approach a task it could show you a visual step by step of some one performing the task.  Talk about on the job training!  Fixed the copy machine, 20 points!

Source:DigInfo TV

Mail.Ru Games Announces Farm Kingdom

Mail.Ru Games, the publisher of internationally successful online games such as Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, Allods Online and Juggernaut is announcing today their new F2P browser game Farm Kingdom. In a motley farm simulation a great deal of work awaits PC farmers: feeding animals, planting vegetables and harvesting crops are only a few tasks that a successful farmer will have to complete. The time spent waiting for potatoes and other crops to ripen is shortened by fun mini games. In addition a high level of social interaction among like-minded people, Farm Kingdom for the first time offers a PvP mode in a farm game.

Green Thumbs up!
As inhabitants of a fairy-tale realm, players work their own fields. They lay out gardens, plant fruit trees and breed animals. They lavish a great deal of affection to nourish all growing and living things, and sculpt their little estates to their own liking. Digital farmers can decide all by themselves if they should chop some timber, plant an orchard or build a stable to house their beloved livestock. And if someone is not in the mood for any of these tasks, they can simply take a break and go fishing. Farm Kingdom offers players and their friends a wide choice of things to do. Every interaction makes them more experienced and versatile, unlocking more and more aspects of the game. In the end, whoever has what it takes to become a super farmer will ascend the throne of the Kingdom!

“We are proud to offer a really independent product in this market segment by launching Farm Kingdom,” said Alexander Goldybin, the CEO of Mail.Ru Games GmbH. “The diverse gameplay and the super enthralling storyline surrounding the Kingdo m create an utterly new game experience.”

Anybody who would like to discover the pleasures of farm life has the chance to create his or her own little farm at

Star Trek Crew Watches Star Wars IV

By Sean McQuillan

Care of Youtuber ColbyCornish comes an awesome video of Picard and the crew of The Enterprise enjoying A new hope.  As someone who grew up with both I never really favored one fandom for another, but it’s great to see them together.

For some reason it just calls to mind this wonderful T-shirt design from Comic-Con.

An innocent network connection...

Robot Controls Human Arm

By Sean McQuillan

Almost the opposite of the work many scientists are working on to allow people to control mechanical limbs to help amputees and such gain full motility, a French research team are training robots to control human limbs. This is aimed at assisting people with motor control disabilities with their physical therapy. With talk of telepresence robots (Think Bruce Willis’ movie Surrogates), and mechanical exoskeletons, it’s good to see so much can be done to assist those who become infirm. This technology would encourage patients to take action of their own, rather then a robotic assistant doing it for them.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

Image credit: IEEE Spectrum