Best Valued Water Resistant Gaming Keyboard for Under $35?

CompuExpert today announced the release of the Raptor LK1 Keyboard, a featured loaded gaming keyboard for under $35. The Raptor LK1 Keyboard features new Fast-Mover-Technology™ that automatically locks removed keys to eliminate the possibility of critical mistakes so you can outmaneuver your opponents and dominate the online gaming space – yet have plenty of money left over for pizza and beer!

“If you’re trying to build a great gaming rig, you don’t want to be dropping a lot of cash on something like a keyboard,” said Ammar Adra, president of CompuExpert. “The Raptor LK1 gives gamers everything they need in a durable keyboard, but leaves them plenty of cash to spend of more important things – like bone-vibrating speakers and a room-sized HD monitor.”

Features of the Raptor LK1 Keyboard include:
• Anti-ghost technology that allows up to 6 simultaneous keystrokes
• 5 non-slip pads keep keyboard in place, with adjustable tilt legs
• Fast-Mover-Technology™ that automatically locks removed keys
• Red AWSD and arrow keys for instant location in the dark
• Exchangeable key for personalization
• Spare black AWSD and arrow keys and key removal tool
• Water-resistant structure
• Whisper-silent muted keystrokes
• 3m cable with gold USB connection
• Plug and play installation
• Sexy $34.99 suggested retail price
• German engineering

The Raptor LK1 Keyboard is available now at and You can see the Raptor LK1 Keyboard in action below



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