Sixth Grader designs iPhone Apps

By Sean McQuillan
What did you do in the sixth grade? I learned how to play Oregon Trail on an old black and green screen, while Tom Suarez has become one of the youngest successful designers of iPhone/iPad apps. As he explains in his TED talk, he was already interested in programing and has learned a couple other programing languages to get the basics down, including Java and Python, when the iPhone was release and with it the iPhone Software Development Kit. Not only has he created a published 2 apps to the app store, Earth Fortune and Bustin’ Jeiber, but has founded his own company, CarrotCorp. Not too shabby for a kid in middle school.

Tom gets asked frequently how he made the app, both by fellow students and adults alike, and so with the sponsoring by a teacher at his school he has created an “App Club” where his fellow students can come and learn how to make apps. He says “I got a lot of inspiration from Steve Jobs.”

Check out his TED talk below.


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