New Augmented Reality System

By Sean McQuillan

This new wearable AR system allows new workers to get a visual guide by more experienced workers not one site.  From what it looks like, it resembles a training level in a computer game, complete with on screen hand gestures of what you should do to interact with various objects in the environment.   The best part is that it is hobbled together from existing electronics, making its construction cheap and easy.  While this currently has a mundane purpose, assisting workers in difficult environments, one could easily see how this system could accept a gamification.  Imagine walking around a construction site and seeing messages left by other workers just floating in the air, indicating hazards or unfinished tasks.  When you approach a task it could show you a visual step by step of some one performing the task.  Talk about on the job training!  Fixed the copy machine, 20 points!

Source:DigInfo TV

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