World of Warcraft patch 4.3 Preview

By Sean McQuillan

Okay WoW fans, patch 4.3 “Hour of Twilight” is fixing to introduce loads of new content. and to get things rolling the have released a 10 minute preview of the new dungeons and Raids.  It seems that the battle for Azeroth with Deathwing rages on, and this time crashing into Northrend.  We see Dragonblight seeing carnage and destruction well beyond what we’ve seen at the Wrathgate.  This preview shows us the faces of Deathwing’s allies that we must fight through, and a preview of the epic battles.  We see the re-emergence of the Infinite Dragonflight, who has been trying to destroy all existence by unraveling time itself.  We see Sylvanas’ return to Northrend, and with her increased power with the fall of Arthas, we may see a hint at her attempt to expand her dominion over the damned.  Fight along side the other Dragon Aspects as Wyrmrest Temple is shaken to it’s very foundation.  Fight to the bitter end and see the true face of Deathwing’s corruption and deterioration as you fight on his own back peeling away his adamantite armor.  Truly one of the most epic patches Blizzard has released to Date.  My words don’t do it justice, just give it a watch!

In addition to all this wonderful content, 4.3 will be introducing plenty of new features:

Raid Finder– Players can quickly and easily form a raid for a specifically tuned version of the Dragon Soul raid; works much like the Dungeon Finder feature.  This feature is a godsend for any who don’t have the time or the patience for a large raiding guild. Just like the regular Dungeon finder, this is likely to feature it’s share of morons and leeches.  I’m hoping that there’s a gear matching system to pair players with similarly geared allies.

Transmogrification – Customize the appearance of your weapons and armor.  While people have been asking for GuildWars style Armor Dye bottles, Transmogrification is above and beyond.  Being able to change your armor’s model to any other piece you’ve acquired will certainly lead to farming of old dungeons, or worse: Warcraft Hipsters.

Void Storage – Players of all levels can now open up 80 slots of long-term storage space.  While I’ve never really had storage problems, I’m never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I’m just excited to see more Ethereals.  They were the coolest looking part of Burning Crusade and it’s nice to see them relevant again.

Fangs of the Father – Legendary rogue quest line.  Full info on that is here. It’s looks like a new legendary dagger for rogues that will mirror the decent into madness and corruption that Deathwing suffered.  The coolest part?  You can get WINGS.

Note pictured: Stable full of lonely mounts.

·         The all-new Darkmoon Faire – Darkmoon Faire has been completely redesigned and offers all-new games and rewards for players to experience.  Full info on that here.  As an avid mount collector I can’t wait for the new mounts and pets available. 

What are you looking forward to most?  Let us know in the comments below!


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