Intel Doubles Capacity of Flash Storage Devices

By Sean McQuillan

Intel and Micron have introduced new NAND flash storage technology that doubles the capacity of their current flash drives. The new technology allows for storing a terabit of data in a package the size of your fingertip.   In addition to the size upgrade, and most assuredly a price drop, their transfer speeds can now reach 333 megatransfers per second.

While this sort of advance in technology is not unexpected, it is certainly more spurred by the growing field of digital media.  Just in time for the holidays?  Sadly no, as samples of the 128Gb device won’t be available until January, closely followed by mass production in the first half of 2012.   Giving Gift Cards, with an insightful note, might be an excellent way to get some excellent tech in the hands of your friends and families this season.

Source: Intel


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