About 1337 Spk

Welcome to the newest edition of TME.  1337 spk. We are the PC gaming and accessory division of The Testmarket Evolution.  This blog will provide all of us with ample room to rant and or rave about the wonderful world of the PC games out there! I know, there are so many different opinions out there regarding it all and what better way to cover them all than in this blog? Trust me, of all people I know about voicing opinions. I do it fairly often, and maybe sometimes more often than not. Regardless, here is a chance to show everyone else what we all think! We hope we are able to provide you with lots of ammunition to make the right choice, what ever it may be!

If you are interested in becoming part of our team or want to just give us a shout email us

Lauri Hong

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1337Spk Staff

Angie Quidim Editor in Chief

Lauri Hong Director

Mario Garcia Staff Writer

About TME

TME (The Testmarket Evolution) is about people informing other people about what is entertaining to them. TME community members can share what they see, hear and experience. We make that accessible to the entire community through blogs, video and podcasts. We are dedicated to bringing information to the public that isn’t tainted by some paid professional writer who reads press releases or watches one movie and calls it an accurate assessment. We let the public decide on what is buzzworthy and what is not.  We try to introduce people to what certain things are and give them a baby step approach to things like Manga, First Person Shooters or even a Foreign Film.




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