Delve into the Secret World

By David Burrola

As a smaller but still informative pique, i’d like to bring to your attention an upcoming MMORPG called The Secret  World. Its developed by Funcom, and its an MMO set in modern day, with a supernatural feel to it, and a very unique system to it.

There are no levels in the game. Its all about what kind of skills you want to develop, in a way like Skyrim  has done recently, but with far more options(if that’s possible). There are several categories, and each will allow you to play a character that’s entirely of your creation. Gear is also not specific to a look. You can have your character look and dress any way you want. So there’s that bit of fun for you.

I’ve been interested in this for a while, and i’m a bit bummed that I don’t have a PC right now, as its only on PC so far. If you want more information you can go to Funcom’s site and check out all the dark modern crazy for yourself.

Being a WoW player, I do like to see what other MMO’s have to bring out and what new kinds of games will emerge in the market with this giant around. But also, being a table top gamer and a fan of World of Darkness, i’m really curious and a little excited about it.

So go on and start following this game, it looks to be pretty different from what we’ve seen before, more in its structure than most others.

Excellent Optical Illusionist

By Sean McQuillan

From Youtube: “Japanese mathematics professor Kokichi Sugihara spends much of his time in a world where up is down and three dimensions are really only two. Professor Sugihara is one of the world’s leading exponents of optical illusion, a mathematical art-form that he says could have application in the real world.”  Studying optical illusions can lead to developing safer roads and other areas where visual misjudgments have dire consequences.

There is no spoon.....

Source: ThePostFamily

A Steam Holiday

By David Burrola

By now most people who are PC gamers have gotten Steam, Valves fantastic online game vendor and service for playing games. But for those of you who haven’t, now’s the time you want to get in on it. Right now as most times Steam does, they have several daily deals going on for games that you can gift to other people you know on Steam. You can do this all year round, but you don’t get deals such as ones going on now. So head here and check it out. Its the season for giving, so give someone a stea-I think i’ll stop that one there…

Give the Gift of Warcraft!

By Sean McQuillan

As an avid World of Warcraft Player, it’s increasingly hard with each new expansion to get my friends who don’t play to consider getting the game.  To do so means they would have to purchase the original game, and 3 expansions, totaling at an uncomfortable $100.  Well Blizzard has tapped into my mind and has the perfect holiday sale.  There’s never been a better time to give the gift of WoW.    It’s a game that can bring family and friends together, as I have many friends who play with their entire families.  It’s a bonding experience and can really strengthen bonds and allow you to hang out and play with friends or relatives all over the world.

Here’s the Skinny on the deal and why it’s so awesome:



World of Warcraft Battlechest.

Normally $20

On Sale for $5

Even without gettingthe expansions, this is an excellent place to start.  It includes the first expansion, The Burning Crusade, and has everything you need to get the ball rolling on your adventures in Azeroth.

Burning Crusade allows characters to reach level 70, and introduces the Draenei and Blood Elf Races.  Explore the Shattered Realm of Outland!








World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Normally $40

On Sale for $10

This expansion allows your character to explore Northrend and reach a max level of 80, and grants access to the Hero Class: Death Knight.








World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Normally $40

On Sale for $20

Deathwing has returned, and has sundered the world!  Collect your allies and venture into a whole new Azeroth as you reach level 85 and gain access to the Worgen and Goblin Races!





Now you can get WoW and ALL of it’s current expansions for only $35, saving $65!  There’s never been a better time to gift WoW, or get into it yourself.

Already a loyal player?  Blizzard hasn’t forgotten about you either.

Celestial Steed

Normally $25

On Sale for $10

This mount acts both as a ground mount and a flying mount, and is automatically mailed to every character you have, even ones you make in the future on that account!








Pandaran Monk (Vanity Pet)

Normally $10

On Sale for $5

Just like the Celestial Steed, if you purchase this little guy he’s yours for every character, current or future.  He’s adorable, and makes kung fu noises!  Get one today, and pretend you’d showing your son around when the Mists of Pandaria is released and you can play a a Full size Pandaran Monk!






Remember, A Family that plays together, stays together!

Source: Blizzard

Intel Doubles Capacity of Flash Storage Devices

By Sean McQuillan

Intel and Micron have introduced new NAND flash storage technology that doubles the capacity of their current flash drives. The new technology allows for storing a terabit of data in a package the size of your fingertip.   In addition to the size upgrade, and most assuredly a price drop, their transfer speeds can now reach 333 megatransfers per second.

While this sort of advance in technology is not unexpected, it is certainly more spurred by the growing field of digital media.  Just in time for the holidays?  Sadly no, as samples of the 128Gb device won’t be available until January, closely followed by mass production in the first half of 2012.   Giving Gift Cards, with an insightful note, might be an excellent way to get some excellent tech in the hands of your friends and families this season.

Source: Intel


Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple Fans

By Sean McQuillan

With their new commercial, “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here,” Samsung ribs Apple fans waiting in line for the new Apple product.  With lines like “If it looks the same, how will people know I’ve upgraded?” it’s clear they’re mocking the Hipsteresque personal some Apple fans seem to portray.  See for yourself.

Are you an Apple Fan?  Are you offended or persuaded?

Source: Mashable

Lightest Material in the World

By Sean McQuillan

You’re probably familiar with Aerogel, or “Frozen Smoke” as it made its rounds on science shows, and even on “Penn and Teller Tell a Lie.”  It’s amazing stuff, used by NASA for space suits and it’s 99.9% air.

And as Penn and Teller point out, it can stop a flamethrower!

It’s come to be known as the world’s lightest solid, but not anymore.  Scientists have now developed a “Micro Lattice” material with a density of 0.9 mg/cm3 (Compared to 4 mg/cm3 of Aerogel) and it is 99.99% air.  Rather than looking something like a sponge, in the 0.01% that is there, this material consists of a micro-lattice of interconnected hollow nickel-phosphorous tubes with a wall thickness of 100 nanometers – or 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Can it stop a flamethrower?  Well that remains to be seen, it’s not currently ready for such large production, but the developers do say that it’s structure lends it incredible flexibility, with the ability to completely recover from compression exceeding 50 percent strain.   Neat!

Source: Gizmag

New Augmented Reality System

By Sean McQuillan

This new wearable AR system allows new workers to get a visual guide by more experienced workers not one site.  From what it looks like, it resembles a training level in a computer game, complete with on screen hand gestures of what you should do to interact with various objects in the environment.   The best part is that it is hobbled together from existing electronics, making its construction cheap and easy.  While this currently has a mundane purpose, assisting workers in difficult environments, one could easily see how this system could accept a gamification.  Imagine walking around a construction site and seeing messages left by other workers just floating in the air, indicating hazards or unfinished tasks.  When you approach a task it could show you a visual step by step of some one performing the task.  Talk about on the job training!  Fixed the copy machine, 20 points!

Source:DigInfo TV

Star Trek Crew Watches Star Wars IV

By Sean McQuillan

Care of Youtuber ColbyCornish comes an awesome video of Picard and the crew of The Enterprise enjoying A new hope.  As someone who grew up with both I never really favored one fandom for another, but it’s great to see them together.

For some reason it just calls to mind this wonderful T-shirt design from Comic-Con.

An innocent network connection...