New Rules and New Fun in Combat Arms Europe New update brings the Recreation Rules, Super Soldiers and great summer events

NEXON Europe released a new extensive update today for its popular free-to-play FPS title Combat Arms, this time honoring its European soldiers.

New Rules and New Order: The Rec Rules and Super Soldier
The new Recreation (Rec) Rules server is open to all ranks, and offers the Rec Rules. This rule-set offers an easier gameplay experience, and is intended even the playing field for all. Soldiers will enjoy Rec Rules-only statistics, lower weapon recoil, and larger hitboxes. The Rec Rules server is also the exclusive home of the dynamic new Super Soldiers mode, which offers a unique and exciting new twist on Combat Arms gameplay. 

Super Soldiers is a new addition to Elimination and One Man Army matches on the Rec Rules server. Mysterious boxes drop all over the map, and players have 10 seconds to scoop one up. Players who grab a box will gain a unique boost – which makes players better, faster or stronger. 

Enter the battlefield everyday: The new Daily Job System
Also included in the update is a brand new Daily Job system, where players will be given a new set of tasks every day upon logging in, and will be rewarded with weapons, equipment, and free extensions on NX weapons. These small tasks can range anywhere from playing certain matches to capturing a few flags, so players should be on the lookout for in-game notices and messages.

Collect the Dog Tags: Dog Tag Hunt!
Players will be able to be rewarded after participating in various events throughout this month‘s update, which is available now. The largest event is the Dog Tag Hunt; where players can obtain dog tags from special supply cases. These contain letters that will collectively spell out the phrase ‘COMBAT ARMS EUROPE.’ Players can redeem the dog tags for special prizes, including a limited edition epic weapon.

Left 4 Dead


By Mario Garcia

Developer: Valve Corporation

Publisher: Valve Corporation

Review Rating: 10


Left 4 Dead is a first person shooter zombie survival game. However in my opinion it is more of a zombie movie simulator.  The premise is Four Survivors trying to escape from the relentless hordes of undead infected.  They fight their way across farms, hospitals, subways and city streets.

We have to start with the true stars of the game the Infected. The normal infected are fast moving cannon fodder zombies, not at all tough 1-2 shots puts them down but there are a lot of them and its easy to get overwhelmed. Then there are the specialty infected. The Boomer, a disgusting blob of gelatinous gross. The boomers have 2 attacks one is a vomit attach in which they projectile vomit bile which attracts infected and the second is getting within range and then getting show so the bile spray out all over any survivors in the vicinity. The Smoker is a Gene Simmons wannabe with a tongue that can be used to entangle survivors who then need to be rescued by their teammates. The Hunters are fast and vicious pouncing on any survivor foolish enough to stray from the group and again once pinned you will need your teammates to rescue you. The Tank is a huge hulk that can throw cars and chunks of concrete as well as easily knock survivors across the way or off a rooftop. Finally The Witch who is the toughest of the infected. Luckily she just hides and cries to herself until she is startled by a flashlight or is shot at.

There are four Survivors, Francis the tough biker, Zoey the college student, Louis the working man, and  Bill the grizzled old war veteran.  They are pretty much interchangeable with no special powers or difference in abilities.  They all have access to a good variety of weapons.  The basic pistol has unlimited ammo though the reload time can be your undoing.  A second pistol can be found in places and the characters can dual wield.  Then there are shotguns, hunting rifles , uzi, and machine guns that can be used to dispatch the various infected. The respawns are also interesting since you have to be rescued from a closet by the other teammates rather than just dropping back into the combat that offers a nice extra bit of realism.

There is a hidden character that really makes this game stand out. The AI/Director changes elements in the game dynamically.  The changes can be made to locations of enemies or extra weapons.  The AI calculates the perceived stress levels of each characters and adjusts the difficulty accordingly.  The 2 shambling zombies that were in the subway tunnel last round can this time be a horde of zombies that come charging from the tunnel without warning.  The Director portion changes the music to increase and maintain a great level of tension.  Playing a fast paced soundtrack while fighting waves of zombies and brass hits when attacked by a smoker or hunter and the somber death music when you are taken down and killed and finally the triumphant ending music if you make it to the rescue.


Freakin awesome. This game is one of the most fun First Person Shooters i’ve played in a very long time.  It is exciting and fresh and truly a cooperative multi player game.  Zombies shooting is always fun. Playing with friends or a pick up group is a blast, whether you are playing survivors or infected.  I really like the fact that you can play ths game for a quick log in an blow stuff up session or play for a long time with a group of friends and have a good time.  Valve should be releasing the SDK for it soon too so look for mods in the near future.