League of Legends Champions Revealed


League of Legends, the persistent online multiplayer battle arena action game based off the popular Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients mod. Players take on the role of Summoners, powerful spell casters that can invoke champions to fight for them in battle across the world of Valoran in large arenas known as Fields of Justice. More than thirty separate champions can be summoned to the battlefield, each with their own unique abilities that can be used in battle to defeat your opponents.

With the game scheduled to be released next week, we thought we’d highlight five new champions to the League of Legends universe, providing additional information on their background as well as their abilities. While four of these characters have been in the beta, we’re going to kick off this feature by exclusively reveal details about the newest character, Nasus.

Nasus, Curator of the Sands Champion Type: Fighter
Unlike some of the other fighters, the champion known as Nasus did not come from Valoran. On a distant desert world, He was the Keeper of the Great Library, a position that allowed him to become quite enlightened. However, Nasus was also a warrior, part of a race of creatures that were rulers and protectors of their people. While a war raged on his world, Nasus was summoned to the League where he discovered his talents were better served on the Fields of Justice.

Nasus wields attacks as strong and brutal as the desert he comes from. His Siphoning Strike attack does damage and if it lands the killing blow against an enemy, it is powered up further. As a way of slowing their enemies in battle, Nasus’ Wither ability decreases his target’s movement and attack speed for three seconds. A third power, Spirit Fire, allows him to set up a trap for enemies to fall into, causing damage and ruining the armor of those that cross its location. Finally, Nasus’ ultimate ability is called the Avatar of Death, which provides him with bonus health and faster attack speed. Nearby enemies have their health sucked away and turned into damage bonuses for Nasus, giving him a powerful way to destroy opponents.

Janna, Avatar of Air
Champion Type: Mage

Once an orphan living on the streets of the city of Zaun, Janna tried to live her life as best she could. However, she soon discovered that she had magical ability that could protect her and raise her out of her troubled circumstances. Learning how to wield air magic and quickly mastering the element itself, Janna quickly left her city in search of a way to right the wrongs of the world, and joined up with the League of Legends to destroy evil.

As a master of Air, Janna can manipulate wind to destroy her enemies. Her first attack, Howling Gale, starts as a small storm that grows after time. By directing it at her enemies, she can cause damage and knock down her foes. Her Zephyr ability increases her movement speed, letting her pass through enemies while causing them damage and slowing them down. To help her allies, Janna’s Eye of the Storm can shield characters from damage while boosting the amount of damage they can cause. Finally, Janna’s Monsoon ability sheaths her in a storm that consistently throws enemies away. The storm also heals nearby allies


Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge
Champion Type: Fighter

Born the son of the infamous pirate captain Vincent the Shadow, Gangplank grew up in the city of Bilgewater. Becoming the most ruthless and feared child in the town because of his father’s harsh lessons, he exacted his revenge by stabbing his dad in the back and taking his ship. Discovering that the world was quickly turning against pirates, he departed the Pirate Isles and his crew to become the latest addition to the League of Legends.

Gangplank is a dangerous warrior whose pirate inspired abilities potentially give him an edge over some opponents in battle. His Parrrley ability produces a pistol, which Gangplank uses to shoot an enemy. If he kills them with this shot, he receives bonus gold. While a humorous name for an ability, Gangplank’s Remove Scurvy power lets him eliminate any crowd control effects placed on him while healing him at the same time. Gangplank has one rather strange power in the form of Raise Morale, where he kills one of the AI controlled minions. Nearby allies, as well as Gangplank himself, are inspired with faster attack and movement speed after the “volunteer’s” death. Finally, Cannon Barrage allows Gangplank to target an area with his ship’s cannons for ten seconds, causing damage to anything within the area while slowing enemy units.


Malphite, Shard of the Monolith
Champion Type: Tank

A creature of rock from a distant planet, Malphite was once part of a harmonious essence known as The Monolith where everything coexisted as pieces of the entire world. As a being that tried to embody order, Malphite was angered when he was ripped away from his planet and brought to the League. However, after discovering that his new world was completely in disarray, he entered the Fields of Justice to enforce his brand of order against anyone or anything embodying chaos.

Composed entirely of rock, destroying Malphite is particularly difficult. This, coupled with his attacks, makes him particularly formidable. His Seismic Shard attack sends a shard of earth rippling through the earth to his enemies. Not only does this do damage to the target, it slows them down for six seconds on impact. Malphite also packs a powerful punch, thanks to his Brutal Strikes attack. By hitting his enemies with extra force, his blows cause damage to enemies around the target. Malphite’s Ground Slam can send out a large shockwave, slowing the attack speed of enemies for four seconds while causing two different kinds of damage upon enemies in its wake. Finally, Malphite’s ultimate attack, Unstoppable Force, allows him to charge into an area, causing damage to enemies as they’re launched into the air from the impact.

Dr. Mundo, Madman of Zaun
Champion Type: Tank

The mysterious man known as Dr. Mundo was born in the city of Zaun, and from a young age wanted to inflict pain through experimentation on anything he could get his hands on. Whether animals, his parents or others, he constantly tried to conduct his experiments to gain a better understanding of pain itself. After being acquitted of 38 murder charges by the time he gained his medical license, he was recruited to fight within the League of legends, where he’d find plenty of new specimens to experiment upon.

As a devotee of pain, Dr. Mundo’s abilities revolve around dealing pain to himself or others. He wields a large cleaver, which he can throw with his Infected Cleaver ability, causing a significant amount of damage and slowing them down for a while. Dr. Mundo’s Burning Agony ability decreases any stun or slow effects that he might be suffering from, but as a side effect, he also does continual damage to nearby enemies. Mundo can trigger his Masochism ability, increasing the damage he causes for five seconds. On top of this, each percent of health that he’s lost further boosts his damage as this skill is in effect, making him rather dangerous when he’s low on health. Countering this ability is his Sadism skill, letting Mundo sacrifice some of his health for faster movement speed and increased health regeneration.