Got a Kindle Fire? You Need a TekNmotion Intruder Headset!

CompuExpert today announced the release of the TekNmotion Intruder gaming  headset. The first headset designed especially for a world-class audio  experience on tablets, smartphones, Mac or PC, the Intruder reflects a balance  of portability, durability and superior high-performance audio. “Most  of us are still using crummy little earbuds to play games and watch movies on  our tablets and smartphones,” said Ammar Adra, president of CompuExpert.  “If you happen to be one of us that mainly use their tablet and smartphone for  playing games and listening to music, then you need the Intruder in your  life!”

Experience  deep, soft bass and beautiful, crystal-clear mid-range sound from a headset  that’s also portable, convenient, and comfortable. The over-the-ear cups provide  exceptional noise reduction, and fold up for storage in the included travel bag.  The Intruder also comes with two detachable microphones and a breakaway cable  that also features inline volume control and a mute switch.

The  TekNmotion Intruder headset will be available September 30th for a suggested  retail price of $59.99. The Intruder will be available on at Amazon TeknMotion  Page.

SPLITFISH to Premiere New Ecology-Friendly FRAGFX SHARK Controller for PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac at Gamescom 2010

 Leading gaming peripherals manufacturer Splitfish Gameware® announced today that they are extending their peripheral lineup with the premiere of the FRAGFX Shark, their new power conserving precision mouse FPS controller for the PlayStation 3, PC and Mac at Gamescom 2010, August 18-22. On hand to take on all challengers will be international Call of Duty champ Dennis Dozier (zDD). The FRAGFX Shark boasts a variety of innovations such as power conserving technology so that it requires only a single AA battery in the split fragchuck and mouse to provide 50+ hours of gaming time and 500 + hours on standby.  in addition to the FRAGFX Shark, Splitfish will exhibit two other brand new peripherals for the first time, the FRAGFX Piranha and The FRAGFX Barracuda.  These additions provide an extended variety of innovative, affordable, high quality new peripherals promising to be the most intuitive and customizable solutions ever offered to high performance gamers for the Sony PlayStation 3.

Also on display at Gamescom 2010 will be the FragFx Evolution Wireless – the defacto dual handed, programmable MOTION Controller. The Evo gives players a huge edge when playing sports titles such as Madden 11 – it makes average players good and good players great.

Splitifish’s Gamescom booth will be located at Business Area: Hall 4.2, Gang F/Nr.043

Splitfish logo -7-10