World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Rage of the Firelands (patch 4.2), Erupts!

The second content update for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Rage of the Firelands (patch 4.2), is erupting across Azeroth. With a new raid, a legendary DPS staff quest line, the most diverse daily questing experience to date, PvP Season 10, user-interface enhancements such as the Dungeon Journal, and much more, Rage of the Firelands brings a little something for everyone.

Also the World of Warcraft trial has undergone a few big changes with the launch of today’s content update. Starting today, blizzard removed the previous 10- and 14-day trial time restrictions, and players who are interested in trying out World of Warcraft can now play the base game for free up to a maximum character level of 20, including draenei and blood elf characters – all they need is a account and an Internet connection. To mark the occasion, blizzard also has given the trial a new name: World of Warcraft Starter Edition. Players who had previously signed up for 10- or 14-day trials will be able to hop back into the Starter Edition right where they left off.

In addition, for anyone who hasn’t yet ventured beyond the Dark Portal, beginning today, players will be able to get both the original World of Warcraft and the game’s first expansion set, The Burning Crusade, for only $19.99 as part of the new digital Battle Chest now available in the online Blizzard Store. In addition, anyone who owns the original World of Warcraft, regardless of when they purchased the game, will automatically be able to access all of the content and features from The Burning Crusade expansion at no additional cost.

Coming out this week

Antipole PC (online) Saturnine Games June 27, 2011

Summer Six-Pack PC (online) Ovolo Corporation June 27, 2011

Flight Replicas Cub PC Flight1 June 28, 2011

Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland PC (online) Paradox Interactive June 28, 2011

Herofy Web (online) ApGames June 28, 2011 Web (online) Newtracks June 28, 2011

Storm: Frontline Nation PC Viva Media June 28, 2011

The Asskickers Mac (online) AGO Games June 28, 2011

The Asskickers PC (online) AGO Games June 28, 2011

Ethereal – Medieval Skirmish Warfare PC Project Ethereal June 30, 2011

Revenge of the Titans PC Iceberg Interactive July 1, 2011

Revenge of the Titans Mac Iceberg Interactive July 1, 2011


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announces the launch of F.E.A.R. 3, a paranormal horror first person shooter continuing the F.E.A.R. heritage of frenetic combat, compelling narrative and tension-filled gameplay while evolving the franchise with unique divergent co-op. The chill-inducing game is now available in North America for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

“F.E.A.R. 3 provides all the hallmark thrills the series is known for delivering along with new blood-pumping multiplayer modes,” said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production and Development of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “The game is staying true to its roots while improving on the experience with divergent co-op and high quality multiplayer created exclusively within the F.E.A.R. universe.”

In F.E.A.R. 3, players can take on the role of Point Man, a genetically enhanced super-soldier, or the undead spirit of his brother Paxton Fettel, a paranormal entity who possesses incredible psychic powers. The two brothers have a vicious history but must work together in an uneasy alliance to pursue Alma Wade, their tortured and psychically gifted mother, who is about to give birth to something that could destroy the world.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Day 1 Studios enlisted two horror masters, legendary film director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) and writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), to consult on the cinematics and script.

F.E.A.R. 3 evolves the F.E.A.R. franchise by introducing a unique system called divergent co-op, along with social gameplay that gives players distinctly different abilities that affect their own play and the experience of gamers they are playing with…or against. The game also offers a robust scoring and challenge system, which encourages replay, tactical variation, and exploration throughout the game.

Gamers will have access to four distinct online multiplayer modes—F**king Run!, Contractions, Soul Survivor and Soul King—each offering a unique combination of cooperative and competitive play distinctively set in the F.E.A.R. universe.

F.E.A.R. 3, developed by Day 1 Studios, is rated “M” and is available now at retail stores nationwide for the Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 system and Windows PC for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

New releases this week June 20th to the 26th

Mr Fante’s Games of Judgement Web (online) Rattle June 20, 2011

Operation Gamma 41 Web (online) Just A Game GmbH June 20, 2011

Paper Munchers Mac (online) Big Blue Bubble June 20, 2011

UberStrike HD Mac (online) Cmune June 20, 2011

The Tiny Bang Story PC Lace Mamba Global June 24, 2011

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising PC SouthPeak June 21, 2011

Matterhorn PC June 21, 2011

Super-Tilt Baseball 2 An (online) Eizon June 21, 2011

F.E.A.R 3 PC Warner Bros. June 24, 2011

The Tiny Bang Story Mac Lace Mamba Global June 24, 2011

Dungeon Siege III PC Square Enix June 21, 2011

Paradox Interactive Announces King Arthur: Fallen Champions

Paradox Interactive and Neocore Games today unveiled a brand new installment for the King Arthur series, King Arthur: Fallen Champion. The stand alone game set to launch very soon serves as the bridge between King Arthur I and the upcoming sequel King Arthur II.

So for all you brave heroes impatiently awaiting King Arthur II, the stand alone game King Arthur: Fallen Champions will make the wait less unbearable. Arriving soon with a suggested retail price of 9.99 USD.

King Arthur: Fallen Champions features the story of three brave souls – a knight, an enchantress, and a prophet – who venture through uncharted lands beyond the Forest of Bedegraine in fulfillment of their individual quests.
Sir Lionel, a brave knight from Britannia, is on a quest to rescue a damsel in distress. Lady Corrigan of the Sidhe, an enchantress of the twilight, is seeking the secret pathways that will lead her back to her lost home of Tir na nOg. Drest the Chosen, a prophet of the North, is drawn by the mystic voices and visions to explore the wild lands. Tied together by strings of fate, these three heroes must join hands in order to prevail as champions of a forgotten battle that began long time ago.

Terra Militaris: First Huge Expansion Announced

 Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and the operator of the portal, is delighted to announce the first major

expansion for Terra Militaris, which will be rolled out across all servers in the upcoming weeks. The expansion “Conquest” brings with it a wealth of new content and an expansive list of fixes and tweaks across every aspect of Terra Militaris’ sophisticated MMORTS design.

New gameplay content comes in the form of Trials of the Champion, a new instance for high-level players. As the most significant instance to be included so far in Terra Militaris, Trials of the Champion contains 50 levels of play and can be challenged once every 24 hours. Each level of the instance will give players fame, EXP and items on completion and with 50 levels to be defeated, Trials of the Champion is an excellent raid for players looking to vastly increase their fame when aiming for the Domination or Imperial Eras in Terra Militaris’ end-game. To compliment this epic instance, two new PvP modes will be added in the form of Siege War and Famous City War. Siege Wars allow players to raid each other’s camps [for world advantage and pillaged loot], and Famous City Wars involve players taking the fight directly into the territories and cities of their enemies’ civilizations!

In addition to the main gameplay features, Conquest will also see the opening of an auction house for players to trade gear, skills and powerful unique items. Players will also be able to obtain special forging items in order to boost the stats of weapons, armour and other items. A new lottery system called the ‘Orbs of Fortune’ will also launch with the expansion, which allows players to exchange coins for items and allows one free use per day, with the chance of winning rare heroes for the player’s Terra Militaris army.

On top of the gameplay additions and updates, Conquest also includes a huge range of tweaks and balances and some significant changes. The game’s UI will be significantly overhauled to increase ease-of-use and visibility. Hotkeys will also be implemented for issuing commands and navigating menus quickly.

Terra Militaris is completely free-to-play via browser on PC and Mac, with no downloads or subscription fee required.  For more information or to join in the fun players can simply register at the official website at Existing account holders are invited to log back in and start playing instantly. Terra Militaris is currently available in Polish, English, German and French.

Return to Paradise with a New Tropico 4

The world is changing and Tropico is moving with the times – geographical powers rise and fall and the world market is dominated by new players with new demands and offers – and you, as El Presidente, face a whole new set of challenges. If you are to triumph over your naysayers you will need to gain as much support from your people as possible. Your decisions will shape the future of your nation, and more importantly, the size of your off-shore bank account.

Tropico 4 expands on the gameplay of the previous game with new political additions – including more superpowers to negotiate with, along with the ability to elect ministers into power to help get your more controversial policies passed. But remember to keep your friends close and your enemies closer as everyone has an agenda! Your political mettle will be thoroughly tested, as new natural disasters will have the populace clamoring for you and your cabinet to help them recover from some of the worst Mother Nature can dish out.

Tropico 4 also brings a new level of social interaction with the addition of Facebook and Twitter integration (Windows PC feature only). Post comments on Twitter direct from the game and have updates go out when you complete missions or unlock new achievements. You can even take screenshots of your burgeoning island and post your dream creation on your Tropico 4 Facebook page and compare your interactive Dictator Ranking on the online leaderboards.

New Indie Studio “Mainly About Games” Launches in Edinburgh

Anthony Gowland, a games development veteran of over ten years, has formed a new indie micro-studio Mainly About Games to create mobile and web games.

After more than six years at Rockstar, including senior and lead design roles in acclaimed titles such as the Grand Theft Auto:
Chinatown Wars and Red Dead Redemption, Gowland decided it was time to try something new.

“With the varied distribution opportunities now available to developers, it felt like the perfect time to move away from AAA development.  It’s totally viable for a small team, or even a single dedicated guy, to create and market a successful game independently”, said Gowland.

“My passion is in creating small titles that have solid gameplay hooks and big budget polish”, he added.

The studio is also offering freelance game design consultancy services.

“Each year there are a lot of games that are very good, when they could have been great.  Playing through them you often get the impression that it’s the little details that are missing or have been overlooked.

“I think there’s a real benefit to having an outsider with a proven track record play through your game with a fresh pair of eyes,”
Gowland offered.

LPGA Star Paula Creamer and PGA Star KJ Choi Now Available in the Online Golf Game

Korean golf superstar, KJ Choi, who turned professional in 1994, is recognized worldwide for helping to put men’s Korean golf on the map.
Called “Tank” due to his strong build and weightlifting background, he was the first Korean to receive a PGA Tour Card. At the age of 40, the
16 time tournament winner is having an amazing 2011 season, winning THE PLAYERS Championship in May of this year, placing 8th at the 2011 Masters and 3rd at the 2011 Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

For the first time, Shot Online will also feature stars from the LPGA Tour. Paula Creamer, who is known as “The Pink Panther”, is a 9-time LPGA champion and is represented in Shot Online with her signature look. The Shot Online avatar for the 2010 Women’s Open Champion is a force to be reckoned with and is the first LPGA star to join the game

Coming soon: for the week of June 13th -19th

Trainz Simulator Mac N3V Games June 15, 2011
Dawn of Fantasy PC 505 Games June 17, 2011
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem PC (online) Meridian4 June 14, 2011
Duke Nukem Forever PC 2K Games June 14, 2011
Critical Mass PC (online) Manic Game Studios June 14, 2011
Car Town Web (online) June 14, 2011
[R]Evolution Web (online) Mårten Jonsson June 13, 2011
Indomitus Web (online) Koram Game June 13, 2011
Doodle Grub Web Pixowl June 13, 2011
eDragons Web (online) LeKool June 13, 2011